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  • What kind of equipment does SoodaSoturei have?
    Our soda blasting equipment is Sigma's Kaeser M50 registered as a trailer and NordBlast's mobile NB28-1 built for professional use.
  • How does soda blasting work?
    Soda is blown towards the surface to be cleaned with approx. 8 bar compressed air from a distance of less than half a meter. When the soda hits the surface, a microscopic explosion occurs which removes the dirt from the surface, or even from the surface of the paint without breaking the original material. Soda blasting does not heat or damage the original surface, i.e. e.g. the tin roof will not heat up and be damaged by surface treatment with soda.
  • What needs to be protected?
    Only places where you don't want soda to remain, or where it is otherwise difficult to clean from soda dust, should be protected. Soda itself does not break anything, so only things that break from approx. 8 bar compressed air should be protected. Protection is easy and soda dissolves in water.
  • How to clean Soda?
    Soda is easy to clean, it is in dust form after blowing. First of all, baking soda dissolves easily in water, so cleaning is really easy!
  • What is soda?
    Blowing soda is the same as store-bought baking soda. Professionals use baking soda in a different grain size than in cooking, and of course they order it in larger quantities.
  • What can you blow with Soda?
    Soda can be used to blast almost any surface, from glass to plastic and from metals to wood. The applications are almost unlimited, ask us for more!
  • Who are the Soda Warriors?
    SoodaSoturit is the surface treatment department of Rakennusliike EBG Finland. We have sand, glass ball and soda blasting equipment, and we also paint the objects after blasting.
  • Where do the SoodaSoturits operate, can they come to the location?
    SoodaSoturire's equipment is completely mobile. We operate throughout Finland, also ask for an offer for Åland!
  • What does surface treatment with soda cost?
    In the basic price, the hourly price for soda blasting is €120 + VAT + material costs, which vary from €30-60 / hour. However, we also make offers on a contract basis, in which case the direction given by the basic price list can be significantly different. Feel free to ask for a quote, because of our mobility, we also have the opportunity to do the work during the same trip, which reduces the costs of moving the machines!
  • What are the alternatives to soda blasting?
    In addition to soda, we also have the equipment to carry out heavier jobs, such as more demanding rust removal, both with Lasikuula and Sandblasting.
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